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Pay it forward Requests

Request #4

My husband died and I exist on my widow’s pension for my daughter and myself. Last year my brother lost his home and job and came to Cape Town. He...

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Request #3

I am a Skincare therapist that had to close my business due to Covid-19 trading limitations. May I please inquire about any temp or part-time work. I am computer literate,...

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Request #2

We are a couple that make mosaics and garden bird feeders, due to the pandemic we can no longer participate in markets . Our pensions cover food and electricity but...

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Request #1

Please Sponsor Electricity during Covid-19 We have had requests from hundreds of families needing electricity. You pay for their meter directly through your online banking. It’s as easy as buying...

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Example Request

This is an example of what information will be displayed on the website when posting a request on the #payitforward page. The Support Us website will not display any contact...

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