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easypeasy seedlings

Monthly organic 24-seedling trays with a variety of vegetables, herbs and helpful flowers – all locally-adapted, open-pollinated & lovingly-cultivated. Each month, we will post the "menu" for this month's tray, and when they will be available to collect from . 🌱🙏🥬 Grown with 💚 in Mitchell's Plain. Easy Peasy is...

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Melody Louw

iGrow's range of quality Disinfectant foggers to LED Grow lights. Our quantum board LED grow lights are of the highest quality. LED grow lights run much cooler than HPS resulting in an obvious set of benefits for the indoor grower. LED grow light units typically come as all-in-one fixtures, which...

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Petro Faber

We offer a complete range of services to successfully and beautifully execute any landscaping plan. This includes: Landscape architecture Garden design and 3D rendering. All construction, steel and wood work, including water features and garden structures. Soil preparation, irrigation and all planting solutions. Regular garden maintenance. Tree surveys – on-site...

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Dylan Stanton

Stanler Farms supply weed free compost, potting soil, top soil, lawn dressing as well as many other organics that are needed to keep your garden in tip top condition! We supply bulk and bagged product. We have been supplying the horticultural and agricultural community for over 30 years and have...

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Jacques Celliers

A-Z in garden care. From garden layout & landscaping to irrigation and garden maintenance. Give us a call

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Melody Louw

The Water Guy - Northern Suburbs provides the clearest, filtered water for free, you only pay for the delivery transport fee of the water. The water runs through a purification system that ensures you get quality. You can also rent our water trailer for your own use.

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